Monday, March 10, 2008

old people

My Old Person has been sick recently, so I don't have any stories about her to tell. But if you want to read some interesting conversations with an old person, you should check out Jeremy Blachman's blog entries about his grandma.

Most of their conversations are about movies, but today's entry is a conversation about prostitution. It's . . . interesting. Grandma doesn't take the side you might expect she would.


Cindy said...

On the other hand, I was surprised to read on the 100 hour board that a longitudinal survey conducted at BYU showed a "remarkable decrease in acceptance of premarital sexual activity":

"Whereas, in 1935, 73 percent of the student body had approved of premarital "necking," 14 percent of pre-marital "petting," and 7 percent of pre-marital intercourse (a 1954 administrative study estimated that 14 percent had participated in premarital intercourse), by 1973 these figures had dropped to 48 percent for necking, 4 percent for petting, and a mere 1 percent for premarital intercourse."


People always talk about declining morals being a problem today, but I think we're often taking too rosy a view of the past.

Meg said...

That was pretty interesting! I guess if the old people of today hadn't been up to shenanagans in their day my mom wouldn't be here and so I wouldn't either.

Chatalita said...

So funny. Definitely not what you expect from a grandma. But I do think we like to put old people on pedestals. I know I do. In my mind they are all serene, honest, full of wisdom - and somehow always were. I was shocked when I hung out with my grandparents on a trip a few years back and they bickered the whole time. I thought all old people got along perfectly. My naive ideas were crushed. I guess grandparents are human after all.