Sunday, February 24, 2008

a conversation at a party

Edna: Your roommate is always on the prowl.

Herbert: What do you mean?

Edna: He's always looking for new girls to flirt with.

Herbert: Oh, that's true. After institute he tries to get dates with random girls.

Edna: Tries?

Herbert: Well, the last few girls he's talked to have all turned out to be lawyers.

Cindy's roommate: What's wrong with lawyers, Cindy wants to know.

Cindy: Yeah, what exactly did you mean by that?

Herbert: Oh, well they just don't have time to date because they're lawyers.

Mabel: I'll have to start using that approach too. "Why did you think I was studying music, George? I'm totally a lawyer. But otherwise I would go out with you."

Cindy: This may explain some things.


rosie said...

Maybe you should use Mabel's strategy in the reverse. Why does everyone think you're a lawyer? You're really studying music.

todorojo said...

Edna and Mabel sound hot

Cindy said...

You know, Edna is a big fan of DDR. I don't know what kind of milk she drinks, though.

todorojo said...

So hot

Chatalita said...

Herbert's roommate sounds hot.

Cindy said...

Actually, I know several girls who are of the opinion that Herbert's roommate is hot. He's too short for me, though.

Chatalita said...

Which would make him perfect for me.

Chatalita said...

That is...if he drinks whole milk.

todorojo said...

Not again

Cindy said...

I'll see if I can subtly bring that up next time I talk to him.

But I don't know if it'll work out between you two, what with you being (almost) a lawyer and all.

Chatalita said...

It is true, that does put a damper on things...along with the fact I live in an entirely different state. But I won't be a lawyer till August so there's still hope.