Friday, March 28, 2008

What dreams may come

Last night I dreamed, at various times, about spies, escapes, secret passages, spacial anomalies, family intrigues, inheritances, poison, disguises, and faked deaths. Almost all of my dreams involved mortal peril, and the villains included Nazis, extraterrestrials, wicked stepmothers, an evil witch from the forest, some girls who were mean to me in 7th grade, and Amitabh Bachchan.

It's no wonder I couldn't get up this morning. I had a busy night.


Cindy said...

Even when I dreamed about work, the subject matter of the dream was rather grim, since I was working on a gruesome murder case.

The dream ended up having a lot of dark comedy to it, though. The murder took place in the zoo, and the bad guys' story was that the monkey did it. They even had an eyewitness who would testify that she saw the monkey packing heat.

I was able to figure out, though, that the bad guys had tossed their machine gun into the monkey cage after committing the murders, and the monkey had only killed one of the other monkeys, not any of the people. Also, the eyewitness was the evil witch from one of my other dreams.

When I woke up, I thought "It's too bad that wasn't a real case. That was pretty entertaining." And then when I went to work, my coworker said, "Well, just because it was a dream doesn't mean it's not real." So I looked at the books and found that case. "That's amazing! It really did . . . wait a minute. This is another dream." At this, my coworker laughed diabolically and said, "Prove it." So I woke myself up again, which was a pretty effective way of proving that it was a dream.

Meg said...

You sure do have some crazy dreams! Jaide has been very into telling me about her dreams lately. This morning she said she dreamed about the other spy kids (I'm not sure what that means).

Crutches said...

I wish I had dreams that interesting! Mine always seem to be about as boring as my real life -- which makes it both hard to remember, and hard to even want to for that matter!