Wednesday, January 31, 2007

say what?

The court reporter seems to have had some difficulty taking down the lawyer's argument here:

"Many of us have been taught to love thy neighbors theist but not to love thy neighbor nor unanimous oust."

It sounds like the biblical spam I get on my school email account.


todorojo said...

And all this time I thought "biblical spam" was a meat of ambiguous origin eaten by ancient Israelite prophets.

rosie said...

That is rather incomprehensible. At first it seems like it makes no sense, and then when you look at it more closely, you realize your first impression was right.

Cindy said...

I think, based on the context of the sentence and the way it sounds, that the lawyer really said something like, "Many of us have been taught to 'love thy neighbor as thyself,' but not to 'love thy neighbor at the expense of thyself.'" (I'm not sure about the end part, since it doesn't sound all that close to what the court reporter transcribed, but this is kind of the gist of what I think the lawyer was saying.)