Saturday, February 10, 2007

but only in my dreams

In the past few days, I have dreamed that I have done the following things:

1) taken my little sister to see Ursula, the sea witch, so she could get a Snickers bar;

2) produced a musical about seasonal depression;

3) run through a hurricane to try to stop my fellow physician from taking a performance-enhancing drug that he thought was innocuous, but which I had discovered would cause his skin to rot and fall off; and

4) become a really good driver.


rosie said...

Which little sister? Those are definitely amusing.

I had some interesting dreams about a week ago. In one I dreamed that a meeting in the Smithfieldhouse building I went to with Russell and Bob was interupted by middle school basketball players. Somehow eventually I ended up working for one of the ladies in our stake back home. In the other I applied for student government in Wales with two of the girls on my floor. Then we started playing some sort of game there that Russell showed up to and kept barely beating me at. It was most distressing.

todorojo said...

I had a dream about the Apocalypse. Again.

Russell said...

I had a good one (fairly) recently: We were in Clifford and we started taking this winding mountain road along a steep cliff. Then I guess the painters who did the road got bored of straight lines down the middle, because they started slanting off the middle of the road--toward the cliff edge. And then after a while of trying to get people to drive off the cliff, they gave up on black and yellow, and just started into pastel colors. Of course, if I'd have known ahead of time what the road was like, I would have been even more put out by the outrageous toll they exacted just to get onto the road.

Cindy said...

You know, I used to dream about cars a lot more before I got one. I think I even dreamed about Clifford a couple of times. One time I took him without permission, when I didn't have my license yet, and ended up getting involved in a car chase with police. That was a stressful dream.

Meg said...

I had a dream about the end of the world once. It was the night after I watched Ice Age the Melt Down. :)-