Friday, September 22, 2006

Yesterday I was talking to one of my college friends on the phone. She said that every time she thinks about me being a lawyer, she has this mental image of me standing there, twirling my hair around my finger, and saying something like, "Um, my client really didn't do it. If you look at the facts, you'll see that he's, like, totally innocent. So, yeah, you should like find him not guilty, or something like that." She said that she just couldn't picture me as a real lawyer.

I remembered this just now as I was trying to see how fast I could twirl around in my office chair. I think she may have a point.


Rosie said...

I can totally see you doing that. (By 'that' I mean spinning around on your chair. It sounds like something I would do, too, if I got to have a spinny chair.) However, if you really had something to say on the floor of a court, you would totally be able to hold your own and make a really strong argument. Being persuasive doesn't necessarily mean boring, though.

Russell said...

I think I'd find myself spinning around in my chair, too.
Unless I were really stressed out, that is. But that wouldn't be any fun.