Friday, September 22, 2006

As a follow up to the previous post, let's examine some of the differences between Dave, the real lawyer, and Cindy, the not-real lawyer. (It should be mentioned that most of the statements attributed to Cindy were not actually vocalized.)

Dave: It's too bad we're wasting so much time on the plane, when we could be working that whole time.
Cindy: I love a good excuse not to do work.

Dave: Why couldn't we have gone home as soon as we were done with our work here?
Cindy: It's so great that we have the afternoon free to do some sightseeing or other fun stuff.

Dave: I wish those other clerks had wanted to go get drinks or something with us.
Cindy: Thank goodness we didn't have to go socialize with all those people we don't know.

Dave [as we walk past a drug deal]: Even though Philadelphia is a lousy place, it's nice to be back in a real city. I really miss New York.
Cindy: This is a fun place to visit, but I sure wouldn't want to live here.

Dave: I'm in the mood for some simple food.
Cindy: Wait a minute. I actually kind of agree with that.
Cindy [to the waiter]: I'll have the lemon chicken.
Dave [to the waiter]: I'll have the eggplant and goat cheese pizza.
Cindy: Eggplant and goat cheese?

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Rosie said...

You're too cool to be a real (boring) lawyer. Anyway, what fun would life be if you had to be so stiff?