Monday, September 25, 2006

a hard-knock life

You know how sometimes you drive past office buildings at night and see people hard at work inside, and you think, "Poor suckers." At least, that's what I always think. Well, tonight I'm one of those people. Except for the "hard at work" part, I suppose, but I'm going to start working in just a minute. We're going to Denver tomorrow, and I had six cases to prepare in the week after Philly. Over-achiever Dave worked all weekend and finished up his last three cases yesterday, so now I've got to finish my last case tonight. (Dave started out with one more case than I did, so I was one ahead of him on Friday night when I left.) I did have a nice break with home-teaching, dinner, and FHE, but now I'm back. Alas.

My other source of sadness is the realization that I have to wear my suit every day for the next four days, including on the airplane tomorrow. We're going straight to the courthouse for a reception when we arrive, so we've got to wear our suits for the trip. Actually, the judge said that we didn't need to wear suits; we could probably get away with casual instead. (Then he looked at our jeans and tennis shoes and said, "I'm not sure how your generation defines casual, though. Nude?") However, over-achiever Dave is wearing a suit, and probably all the other over-achiever clerks will as well, so I've got to wear one too. I much prefer the "wicked casual" dress code in our office. But I suppose sacrifices must be made in order for the people of America to receive justice from well-dressed officers of the court.


todorojo said...

I gave the lesson at FHE yesterday. It was about sacrifice. We talked about the "broken heart and a contrite spirit" sacrifice, the "giving of your time unselfishly" sacrifice and the "forgoing material possessions" sacrifice. But I completely forgot to mention the "wear a suit for four days straight" sacrifice. I'll have to add that one to the list.

Nectar said...

Hi Cindy!

Cindy said...

Hey Dad, I didn't know you had a blog. And when did you become friends with the 100 hour board writers?

Nectar said...


Up until now I hadn't told anybody I had a blog. You are the first in the family to know. I still haven't decided whether or not I am going to tell anyone else.

I started reading the 100 hour board around January. I submitted a few questions and comments. Sometimes the exchanges weren't so friendly. The last time I asked a question it seemed to me that I was ridiculed by the writers, in particular Ambrosia. Some time later I was looking at various blogs of the board writers and found that Ambrosia had a blog. It really irritated me when I found that she had written in her blog what seemed to be bragging about the way she had put me down.

So, I decided to make a comment. In order to do that I had to be a Blogger. I tried various blog names, but they had already been taken. Then I thought of Nectar, sort of a take off on Ambrosia. Anyway, we had various exchanges, and it appears that I had overreacted and misunderstood what she had to say. We ended up being friends. From there I started looking at other 100 board writers' blogs, and making comments on them. I then decided that I might as well write on my own blog. It has been fun.

By the way, I recognized you in one of the Board questions. I often wondered if you would recognize me.

Interesting that you picked up on my connection with the 100 hour board.