Monday, January 21, 2008

thoughts while chatting online with Gateway support

Dear Gateway,

I know what the problem with my computer is. I just need to buy a replacement fan. Why must you keep asking me irrelevant questions?

You don't carry replacement parts for a computer that you're currently selling? Nice.

But you will repair it for me for an estimated $300 plus shipping plus tax? That's generous.

You know, the last time you "repaired" my computer, it worked for about two weeks before dying again. So let me think, would it be worth that much money for me to send it to you so that your technicians can jiggle some things around and pretend that they're fixing things?

Tough one. I'm going to have to go with . . . not in a million years.

And I know all about your shipping scam. If I say I'll send it in for repairs, you'll tell me that I need to use a special box that costs $70 to ship it to you. You've tried that one on me before.

Don't even try to tell me that I can take it to a Gateway store for in-shop repairs. I know full well that your store employees aren't authorized to work on laptops. If you wanted me to fall for that one, you shouldn't have told Other Law Student Cindy that her warranty was voided because she had allowed unauthorized technicians -- your store employees -- to attempt to fix her Gateway laptop.

The day I give any more money to you is the day I have given up all hope of life ever having any joy again.

And you might as well stop calling me. I'm not going to answer my phone.


A One-Time Gateway Customer


Jaide said...

Aunt Cindy's little calendar. We take the picture. I like cards. She has a card game. I want to say my name too. What about Kiree's name. Daddy's name. My name again. Your name again. Kiree's name again. Your name. I want Kiree's name again. My name. Your name. My name.

Meg said...

Jaide wanted to make a comment on your blog. The preceding is what she told me to write.

Chatalita said...

If I recall correctly, the only time I've ever seen you truly angry was dealing with Gateway. And for good reason. If it had been me, I would have been a lot more angry. I really think you should get a new computer. Rid your life of Gateway forever!!

Crutches said...

I'm sorry that you have had computer problems. I can't even imagine Cindy angry. Does it really happen? I don't know if I believe it.

atomicblob said...

do you know what size fan it needs? Usually they are 4cm or 6cm square or so and 1cm or 2cm tall. You also need to know what kind of connection it has (2-pin or 3-pin). It MIGHT be a standard fan size that somebody could put in the machine (not that they would be authorized repair people either, but . . .)

On another note, this is why we haven't ever tried fixing our laptop, even though the screen doesn't work and the power connection is tenuous.

So are you thinking of getting another laptop or another desktop?

Cindy said...

I actually found a replacement fan on ebay for $30, and my very nice cousin replaced it for me yesterday.

So, the laptop is once again working. Take that, Gateway.

Cindy said...

I don't get angry very often. After the Gateway incident of 2005, I wasn't really and truly angry until just about a month ago, when my coworker managed to make me absolutely furious. And it didn't help that she kept saying things like, "Cindy, you may notice that I am using a calm, professional voice and am not letting our discussion of this issue become personal. You should try to follow my example."

In fact, I'm getting mad just thinking about her now.

todorojo said...

What happened to the eggplant and goat cheese pizza guy?

Cindy said...

Oh, he's off making the big bucks at a sweatshop firm in D.C. now.

chaser48 said...
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Cindy said...


I deleted your comment because my mom reads this blog and she's not a fan of profanity. I definitely sympathize, though. Gateway has got to be one of the worst computer companies out there.