Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cindy's travel tips

Pack your pajamas. They're easy to forget.

Pack deodorant.

Bring a pen that you don't mind parting with in case you need to jerryrig a malfunctioning toilet to stop running.

Don't drink out of the glasses in your hotel room. If you do drink out of one, don't do it while watching a news special about how maids actually clean them.

Don't arrive after hours at a little local hotel that just leaves your keys under the doormat. If your room hasn't been cleaned, there's nothing you can do about it.

Don't fly in or out of Philadelphia.

If you fly America West, expect your flight to be delayed due to mechanical problems.

If you fly American Airlines, try to avoid sitting in the very back row. If you do sit in the back row, wear a rain poncho, since there's a slight chance of showers.

Don't trust the baggage claim monitors in the Salt Lake airport. Your baggage will rarely be where it is supposed to be.

Eat an almond pretzel at Auntie Anne's. They're yummy.


rosie said...

You can get showered in the back row of American Airlines?

Meg said...

And if you fly NWA allow triple the estimated travel time.
That Philadelphia airport sure did seem ghetto.
Cindy I think you could start an advice column or something. Maybe write a book ;)

Chatalita said...

I heard about the don't drink out of glasses in your hotel room thing on the radio. Pretty nasty. Poor David is living in a hotel...It is probably best he doesn't watch T.V. for a while.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention glasses in hotel rooms, they are also mentioned on my secret blog.

todorojo said...

It's like my mother always used to say, "A secret blog is a nonexistent blog."

Cindy said...

Yep, you can get showered in the back row of American Airlines. There are several problems inherent in the American Airlines showering experience, though, so I wouldn't recommend relying on it as a backup if you forget to set your alarm clock and don't have time to shower in the morning before your flight. Firstly, I certainly hope that this doesn't happen on every flight. Secondly, the water flow isn't that great. You get enough water flow to get your clothes wet, but it wouldn't be enough to rinse the conditioner out of your hair. It's also rather sporadic. The experience is rather like getting a cup of water dumped on you every 15 seconds or so. Thirdly, the water is extremely cold. Overall, it's not a very pleasant experience.

Cindy said...

I'm not quite sure what kind of advice column I would write. "Helpful hints for ditsy people," perhaps? Or maybe "Everything I learned I learned by doing stupid things."

So, bring return bus fare if that's how you're planning on getting home; don't stick your fingers on the metal part of a plug while you're putting it into a socket; don't walk through mud on your way to a job interview; don't stick your finger in the garbage disposal; don't run the garbage disposal if you've removed the drainage pipe. Should I go on?

I'm not sure how much demand there is for this niche market, but I guess I do have a lot of sage wisdom I could pass on to people as lacking in common sense as I am.

david said...

First, hotel drinking glasses. I did actually see about half the report. I was gladdened to think that I am generally wary of tap water in new cities. The odd thing about that personal quirk is that I don't mind tap water in restaurants in strange cities, but I do mind tap water in residences (which includes hotels). I don't think I'll bother getting over this personal oddity unless I am carrying my own drinking glass.

Secondly, I support the idea that you should write a book. I don't think you'd have any problems selling a bunch of them. You just need to submit it to the world as part of the "Dummies" brand: "Advice for Dummies". After all, the "Dummies" books are just topical Cliff notes for people that want to cut to the chase.

david said...

P.S. For all those who care even a little bit... :)

In the future, if you ever think you have information that may be important to my health and well being, and if you think I may not be in possession of this information, kindly bring it to my attention rather than lamenting my ignorance and unwitting self-endangerment. Thanks. :)

Chatalita said...

I'll get you a medical dictionary for Christmas.