Wednesday, October 31, 2007

to sleep, perchance to dream

The secretary at work recently told me that she thinks my interesting dreams are a result of me stifling my creative side by not writing novels as I ought. So, which of my recent dreams do you think would make the best basis for a story?

1. The one where I smuggled methamphetamine across the country in my hollow pinkie toe. (I carried prescription meds in the neighboring toe.)

2. The one where I could instantly go places by pointing at a location on an online map, but sometimes I accidentally went back in time as well. And then I met my grandfather 50 years ago, and he told me what a pain his fourth-oldest son was. I told him I thought his son would turn out just fine.

3. The one where I was trying to escape from a futuristic slave mining camp with the help of a talking Ken Jennings doll that an old insurgent gave to me before the bad guys shot him.

4. The one where I accidentally started a war.


Dad said...

I'm glad to hear that in your dream you defended your grandfather's fourth-oldest son. If I remembered more of my dreams perhaps I could say that I told my father that I thought my fourth-oldest child turned out just fine as well.

I think I like dream number 3.

rosie said...

I remember you telling me about dream number 3 and it was pretty hilarious. Perhaps that would be the best one. But then again, dream number 4 sounds pretty good, too. I think you'd better take them all.

todorojo said...

I like number one. You could title the movie, "Drugs and Digits."

Cindy said...

"Drugs and Digits" does sound like a great title, although I'm not sure where the story would go from the premise.

Dream number 3 was by far the most exciting dream. I was really upset when I woke up and didn't get to find out how the story ended.

Chatalita said...

I like the one about pointing to a map and being able to go there. I really think you should try writing a novel. You could experiment with us and post small segments on your blog. If you hit writers block, no big deal, we can come up with ideas for you.

And you know, by a slight form of coercion you could create a pretty good following. (Like having your grandfathers fourth-oldest son be a character...I'm sure he'd read your blog to see what you'd written about him lately.)

Meg said...

You could go in a lot of different directions with the accidentally starting a war thing. I just dream tv shows and random things which I guess is good what with the writers strike. ;)

Dad said...

Rebecca reminds me that this is novel writing month. Time to get started on your novel.

Cindy said...

I've dreamed about TV shows a few times. I know I dreamed about Lost once. And I've dreamed about watching BYU football on TV as well as being a kicker on the team.