Sunday, August 05, 2007

above and beyond

This past week some girls in my ward woke up at 2 in the morning to the sounds of someone trying to break into their apartment. They called one of their home teachers, then the police. The home teacher got up to go to their apartment, but he thought he should bring something along for protection. He looked around for a baseball bat or something like that. He didn't see a bat, but he remembered that he had recently bought a sword off the internet. So he pulled out the sword and walked over to the girls' house. He started looking around the house to see if anyone was out there. At this point the police arrived.

He was startled to see them, as he didn't know they were coming. They weren't exactly startled to see him, but they did reach the wrong conclusion. They yelled at him to drop his sword and put his hands above his head. He wisely complied and then told them that the girls had asked him to come investigate. They all went inside the house, where the girls confirmed that he was not the prowler. At that point the police became friendly and started asking him where he got his sword, which is apparently a pretty cool one.

And so it all ended happily, although the girls are still kind of upset about the whole experience. And now the guy can have something to say if our home teacher ever brings up the story about how he had to remove a rotting dead mouse from our doorstep.


Anonymous said...

What I want to know is, what kind of a sword was it?

In another story I heard a guy came running with his sword because he thought a girl was being attacked. The police confiscated his sword.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering about the sword too... sometimes Dad and I think rather alike.

But, I do find it rather disturbing that someone was trying to get into their apartment. I also was a little curious and amused about the mouse. You made your home teacher take care of a dead mouse for you? I would call you silly, Cindy, but I don't think I would have wanted to take care of a dead mouse either.


Cindy said...

Apparently it was some sword from some video game. He bought it off Amazon. (I heard the story second-hand, and that's all my roommate remembered about it.)

I didn't ask my home teacher to take care of the mouse. I went out of town so I didn't have to deal with it, and my roommates talked to the home teacher about it. But it wasn't just dead. It was also decomposing. It was extremely disgusting.