Friday, June 22, 2007

a modern fable

One day a girl named Cindy was watching football on TV, and the announcer said that one of the athletes was suffering from turf toe. "Turf toe," Cindy laughed. "Is that like a minor case of athlete's foot or something? Maybe that football player should stop being such a big baby."

Shortly thereafter, Cindy got turf toe herself. "I want to die!" cried Cindy. "The pain is too horrible to bear!"

From time to time, Cindy's turf toe injury recurs. Then Cindy is in much pain, and she wishes she hadn't made fun of the football player.

Moral: Laughter is not always the best medicine.

Alternate moral: Don't mock people's pain unless you're willing to walk a mile in their orthotic shoes.


atomicblob said...
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Chatalita said...

Wickipedia says "Often, the injury occurs when someone or something falls on the back of the calf while that leg's knee and tips of the toes are touching the ground." did your accident resemble this?

Cindy said...

No. I had just gotten my orthotics, which completely changed the positioning of my foot, and we were playing capture the flag at FHE. So when I was running, I jammed the front part of my foot -- specifically, my big toe -- into the ground very hard.