Wednesday, November 29, 2006

another dream

On Sunday night, I had a rather interesting dream. I learned in my dream that I've only got a year left to live. I'd more likely be concerned that the dream was prophetic if I had dreamed that I was going to die of something credible, like cancer or a car accident or polar bears, but I somehow can't seem to muster up much concern about dying of tooth decay.

Dream dentist: If you'd only come in earlier, we could have done something to help you. But it's too late now. The decay is irreversible, and you'll be dead within the year.

Dream me: I didn't even know that people could die of tooth decay.

Dream dentist: Well, you're about to find out that they can. And, as you'll discover, it's a rather ignominious way to die.

Let that be a lesson to you all. Go to the dentist, or else.


todorojo said...

Well Cindy it was nice knowing you. Perhaps I'll see you in the great big dentist's office in the sky.

Ben said...

Sounds like a pretty wicked dream...what are you doing to have these anyways? It's been ages since I had one that memorable, or strange, for that matter.

Chantalita said...

As your official dream interpreter, I thought you should know that my source (i.e. suggests that dreams about teeth relate to appearance and/or what others think of you. Have you had any embarrasing moments lately or do you feel like you are loosing your youthful beauty?