Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Italy -- Day 4 (continued)

After leaving Vatican City, we hit a couple other points of interest in Rome, none of which I really remember too well now.  But here are some photos:

I really liked these flowers at a restaurant in one of the plazas.

The Trevi fountain.  I filled up my water bottle here -- well, at one of the spigots off to the side -- and it was quite good.
The Pantheon

We were all pretty tired by this point, so Heidi sat down as soon as we came inside.  After a minute, I read the sign she was sitting next to and asked if she was making some kind of a statement. She hadn't read the sign, so she just gave me a confused look.  But I was laughing too hard to take a good picture of it.

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Rosie said...

This part of your day looks really interesting and fun! It's too bad you were probably exhausted by then; that's travel for you, I guess!