Saturday, March 08, 2014

I'm back! (an updated blog post in Q&A format)

Question:  Cindy, what's up?  Did you realize it's been more than a year since you last updated your blog?

Answer:  Yes, someone recently reminded me of how long it's been.  Sorry!  Many apologies to my faithful blog readers, if any there be left.

Question:  Are you ever going to finish blogging about your trip to Italy?

Answer:  I'm planning on it.  I've got a half-completed entry from a year ago that I'll try to update soon.

Question:  Do you think anyone actually wants to read about your trip to Italy?

Answer:  No clue.

Question:  What have you been up to recently?

Answer:  Well, besides the usual -- work, volunteering, church, etc. -- I've been playing the piano a lot frequently.  Playing the piano is one of my daily tasks on the real-life role-playing game of HabitRPG, so I've got to play every day to get gold and experience points and to keep from losing hit points.

Question:  Anything else you'd like to tell us about HabitRPG?

Answer:  Absolutely.  I love this game/motivational tool.  It's perfect for a compulsive gamer like me.  True story: I'm now going to bed on time almost every night because of HabitRPG.  Actual real-life health effects weren't enough to keep me on a good schedule, but losing virtual hit points on an online computer game is enough of a motivation to keep me on track.)

Question:  Any other products or companies you'd like to plug while you're at it?

Answer:  Yep.  PureTalkUSA, my new cell phone provider, for its $10/month cell phone service; Bar M Diesel and Automotive in Beaver, for its awesome and inexpensive break-down towing and repair services; and my favorite new charity, Unbound. 

Question:  What's the deal?  Why are you talking about companies you like instead of about how much you hate Gateway and United Airlines and Amtrak and the other evil companies of the world?

Answer:  I guess I've had more positive than negative experiences with companies recently.  Besides, sometimes it's nice to talk about things that I'm passionate about instead of things that I passionately hate.  (Hi, Gateway!)

Question:  Why was this post done in question and answer format?

Answer:  To quote one of my favorite movies, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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