Sunday, May 22, 2011

playing church

Some people in my family like to play volleyball. I am not one of those people. When we have family volleyball games, I prefer to look after my adorable nieces so their parents can play. I find this much more entertaining and far less traumatic.


Adorable nieces

When we stay around the house, it's easy enough to find something to do while the others play volleyball. When we all go over the church meeting house, however, we sometimes end up with limited entertainment options for the kids. And thus it was that I found myself "playing church" at our last family reunion.

Following a rousing rendition of "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," my six-year old niece presented the lesson. Our lesson for the day, she told us, was going to be about waiting. It turns out that waiting isn't very fun, but we've got to do it anyway, and we shouldn't complain about it. My niece then illustrated her point with an example:
If you're at the restaurant and you're really hungry, you want to go back to the kitchen and yell, "Where's my food? I'm really hungry!" But you can't do that. You need to sit and wait and hope they bring you your food soon. That's better, because they might trip on you if you tried to go back into the kitchen.
Words to live by, my friends, words to live by. And if you've got a friend who doesn't blog very often, you might want to say, "Where's the blog? I want to read something funny!" But that might not help, and they might just trip over their writer's block. On the other hand, maybe they'd come up with something. Stranger things have happened.


David Hilton said...

Most grand, I must say. Not the waiting, but the posting. That and the familying.

Cindy said...

Familying is always good, and I'm glad you appreciated the post.

Rosie said...

If this post is a hint to the waiters, so to speak, it might help to know which kitchen you're refraining from barging into. Maybe.

Meg said...

Jaide told me she didn't remember that, but Kiree is positive that she does. Then Jaide decided to tell me what she would teach about now and it was about who is your favorite prophet. I think she did end up teaching that for FHE on Monday, I missed it though as that was the only day we could go visit one of our VTing sisters. I did make it home in time for the eating of ice cream though.

Cindy said...

Rosie -- Um, I think you've given more thought to my metaphor than I ever did. I don't think I'm up to the intellectual rigors of this attempt to find meaning in my disjointed rambling.

Meg -- Maybe Kiree does remember. I remembered more things when I was a little kid than people thought I did. Who knows, though. I'm sure Jaide's lesson on prophets was great. She actually taught two lessons during the volleyball game. I talked about the funny one, but she also gave one of the best lessons on the resurrection that I've ever heard. Seriously, it was really beautiful, and short enough to leave a powerful impact. I thought about writing a post about it, but it didn't seem in keeping with the usually frivolous tone of my blog.

Rosie said...

I was assuming that your post was a veiled hint to someone that they should post, and I was suggesting that the hint might be more effective if we knew who it was directed at.

And I'd like to hear about Jaide's other lesson. I don't remember either one. Perhaps they happedened while I was trying to keep Alyssa from crawling off the stage. I think I spent a fair amount of time doing that during that particular game.

Cindy said...

I'm pretty sure you weren't in the room for those lessons. I think you and Alyssa came in later, when Kiree was trying to teach the lesson, but Alyssa didn't have the attention span for it.

And no, I wasn't hinting anything. I was just making conversation.