Saturday, November 21, 2009

perils of honest speech

As discussed previously, I have learned through sad experience to be strictly honest. This, coupled with the extensive time I spend doing nit-picky editing, has made me very particular about being accurate and precise in my speech. And this, in turn, has made me a boring conversationalist.

I know people don't generally care whether verbal speech is completely accurate and cited correctly. Indeed, I know that this is generally quite annoying. And yet, I feel a compulsion to make sure that I'm reporting things accurately and citing my sources, adding a disclaimer if I can't do so. "This reminds me of a humorous anecdote my boss was telling me the other day. Now, I don't remember all of this story completely, so I may not be getting all of the details right in places. I'll alert you to these areas as we go along. I should also point out that I cannot vouch for the complete accuracy of this story, as my boss does like to embellish things a bit. At any rate, proceeding with my story, . . . ."

This is all quite unfortunate, because there are many stories that are a lot better when you take certain liberties with the truth and fill in the blanks in memory or understanding. For instance, I could report that the Muslim taxi driver who picked me up at the Denver airport was disappointed when he learned that I was originally from California and not Utah because he would have asked me out if I was interested in bigamy.

But, I don't know if this is true. He definitely said something that he found very amusing about "Cali ladies" and "Utah ladies" and bigamy, but I couldn't actually hear everything he was saying. Unfortunately, this makes for a much less interesting story. And that's the problem with being honest. It makes you boring.*

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog post are not necessarily an accurate reflection of my thoughts and beliefs.


Chantalita said...

My favorite is the disclaimer at the end. Nice touch!!

This week I've had a couple run ins with honesty. There was the person who was like - "I should have lied!" And I was shocked. Then I told another person who was like - "Yeah, he should have." And everyone else agreed with him. I was sitting there thinking, 'Do I live in an alternate reality?' And that was only event one of the week.

Cindy, I am becoming so boring :) Maybe we should take this to Dr. Phil: How our jobs have made us boring people. No one reads our blogs, listens to our stories or invites us to parties. What should we do?

Hokie said...

Chantal, I want you and Cindy to knwo that I read both your blogs and find them both amusing and uplifting. I listen to your stories and I enjoy them. And finally, I just don't have parities, but I would invite you both if I did.