Sunday, May 20, 2007

strange things taught in church

Relief Society Teacher: "Are any of you mad at God for making us forgive everyone? Like, he made it a commandment, so we have to do it. Does anyone find that really frustrating? Anyone? None of you are annoyed with God for requiring us to forgive others? Well, okay then. Let's move on with the lesson."

Sunday School Teacher: "We all think of Jesus being perfect and all, but let's read Mark 8:22-25. So, the first time Jesus tried to cure the man's blindness, the man couldn't see correctly, and Jesus had to do it again to get it right. That makes me feel better, because it shows that even Jesus didn't get everything right the first time."

Me: Okay then. Maybe I'll just read the scriptures to myself instead of listening.


Anonymous said...

Despite all the lessons about forgiveness, I'm not sure we understand what it is. Some people think that forgiveness means that the person forgiven no longer needs to repent and will never suffer any consequences for his or her offense. I think I would be mad at God if my forgiveness meant that God and the criminal justice system was then obligated to forgive the sinner.

When I was a sunbeam my teacher told us that Jesus only told two little white lies in his life.

And then there are those who say God made Adam, but finally got it right when he made Eve.

Cindy said...

Primary teachers teach an awful lot of incorrect doctrine, in my experience. I was pretty astounded at some of the things that got taught in sharing time.

One of the girls in the Relief Society class did make the point that forgiveness doesn't mean stupidity, so if you've abused by someone in the past, you don't need to stay in the abusive situation in order to be forgiving. Judging by some of the comments that were made after that, not everyone agreed, but I think she made a very good point. And I also don't think that forgiveness means that you shouldn't tell the police if you're the victim of crime. One can warp the concept of forgiveness into some very silly ideas.