Friday, October 27, 2006

a dream

Yesterday I was reading a brief in which the lawyer said that crack is generally sold in open-air markets. This way of putting it struck me as rather funny. Then last night I dreamed a dream. I was standing in the middle of a street lined with booths, and there were street vendors loudly hawking their wares: "Eight balls! Eight balls of crack for $180!" "Freshly cooked crack! Get your freshly cooked crack here!" "Marijuana bricks! We've got marijuana bricks!" I looked around and said to myself, "Boy, I guess I shouldn't have laughed at that phrase. Here I am, right in the middle of an open-air drug market, and there's nothing weird about it."

Now that phrase makes me laugh even more.


todorojo said...

Wow I wish I could have a dream about an open-air drug market. All my dreams have to do with the apocalypse. Seriously, I've seen every possible way the world could end.

Cindy said...

I had a very vivid nightmare about the Apocalypse when I was a little kid. We'd been talking about the last days during family scripture reading, and then I dreamed about the moon turning to blood and hail storms and all of that fun stuff. But fortunately that's the only time I've dreamed about that.

Most of the time I just dream about pirates and alien abductions and mad scientists' experiments on human guinea pigs and stuff like that. Oh, and also grand auto theft, but I haven't had any dreams about stealing cars (or Metrolink trains either, for that matter) since I got Sammy.

Rosie said...

That's a pretty funny dream. For some reason, most of my nightmares are about getting engaged and then getting cold feet. Really, it's very annoying. It's all romantic until I say yes, and then I can't stand the guy.